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T20N: Cueva Donga

(AS1, TV17)

Area:Sobra Valley
East, North:360667, 4789666 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.716304085432, 43.246897431389 (map)
Elevation (m):1129
Length (m):73
Depth (m):-31
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


ark in a small layby at the head of the Sobra Valley, a few hundred meters down from the Jitu de Escarandi carpark. Follow a steep logging track down into the valley (x:0360170 y:4789574 z:1261m). After following the track down the hill for ~15- 20mins there is a short splitting of the track and a slightly less dense patch of woodland after the convergence. Shortly after regaining the woodland take a right- hand turn through some trees on a very faint animal trail. There may still be some flagging tape (2018) on the trees here (x:0360561 y:4789789 x:1139m). Continue through the trees, roughly perpendicular to the track, to enter a larger clearing, continue ‘straight’, until a steeper slope down is met. Trending slightly downhill, after passing a hole in the ground a larger stream is encountered, cross this and trend left through some trees.


An elongated opening is found approx. 25m long and 2m wide along its length.


AS descended with the 25m rope we had and looked around
Cueva Donga is currently surveyed to 73m to the top of a 12m (disto measured) pitch. Needs more work.


Sefton, Mark. (2000) T.C.P. (2018)


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