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KCG100: Ceuva de Los Jarres

East, North:364349, 4792589 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:Google Earth
Long, Lat:-4.6716882407715, 43.273878660517 (map)
Elevation (m):665
Length (m):457
Depth (m):0
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


San Esteban Valley, 1 Km south west of the village


The entrance of the cave lies high up on the west bank of a tributary stream. This stream seemed to have a number of sinks and possible cave entrances in the river bed


The entrance is small but develops immediately into a large passage running north-south The main passage is in the region of 10m square. The main route goes over boulders for about 100m to a large chamber where a number of ways are noted.

The main passage went on to the left in a southwest direction. After about 100m a collapsed area was encountered with a number of ways on through loose boulders. This collapsed chamber was looked at only briefly but easy digging would probably provide a way on.

The second way on from the chamber involved a climb up a narrow rift full of loose rocks to a medium sized chamber which was fairly well decorated*

oExploration continued on up a large spiral passage which ended in a 25m slope covered in flowstdne with grottoes on both sides. This section of passage being about 200m long was of similar scale to the rest of the main passage.. The third way on from the chamber led down through boulders but was not followed for more than 20m.
,br> There are two climbs which went off to the east of the main passage. The easiest of these was ascended and an inclined bedding plane passage followed for 30m. At the end a pitch was located* This would seem to be the top of the other climb. The whole of this, series was richly decorated especially one bedding chamber, which was full of straws. .


BUSS (1974)


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