Tresviso Caves Project

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East, North:355231, 4792992 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7841076824588, 43.275808852217 (map)
Elevation (m):1091
Length (m):64
Depth (m):-20
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


he avenue PO-25 opens its mouth on the western side of the giant dolina that forms the Vega de Coprevidi, very close to Pandorme's Collado, and to Mingoriella's Jou.


T Its large entrance gives way to a 6 m well covered with abundant vegetation.


Following this small vertical, a steep slope of mud, stones and organic matter, marks the way forward. Towards the middle, an upward sloping duct appears to our left, which appears to be related to a large blinded ditch, located to the east, and near the mouth of the cavity. Once this ramp is completed, heading west, and after a small highlight, a P-4 allows us to continue entering the cavity. Down this small vertical, is where we reach the maximum depth of the avenue. After a new highlight - this time ascending - a narrowing allows us to advance through a narrow phreatic duct - also ascending - that ends up being closed to the few meters of route. The latter conduit also appears to be related to another dolina we find on the outside, but this time on the opposite side of the previous one. The avenue PO-25 reaches a depth of -20 m and a total development of 64 m. Exploration completed.


Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern,2017


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