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T350: Torca LaBarga

(Torca Vega, CA-1, CA-2, Torca la Barga, E1)

Area:Invernales de la Caballar
East, North:359126, 4788778 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7350507343492, 43.238618486838 (map)
Elevation (m):1174
Length (m):1680
Depth (m):-361
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Easy to locate, approx. 1.5 km from Sotres, along the CA-01 road that goes from Sotres to Tresviso. At Invernalles de Caballar possible to park in front of the obvious television mast.

The entrance lies at the NW edge of a 50m wide doline 200m ENE of Invernales de la Caballar,


A stream sinking at the southern edge of the doline.


Three entrances to the cave. The lower (30 T 359141 4788699) one is the most commonly used to access the cave. The entrance opens to a steep ramp of about 20m that ends at the top of an unstable P9.

After the first pitch it is necessary to make a short climb to reach the head of the next pitch, a P12, which is descended to a small ledge oand immedialy onto the next P27 (P12+P27).

At the bottom, there is another larger ledge onto a P33, another shelf and a P85. This large pitch, very loose(?) connects at its base with a final P39.

At the bottom is a lake of 15m and on the RHS (South) a narrow passage connects with the main horizontal levels of the cave.

The lower area is richly ornamented with gypsum crystallizations (miraballite formations up to 4m(?) long.)

A further series of pitches, which are accessed by passing through narrow meanders eventually reaches the active main stream passage and the terminal sump at -361m


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