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T350: Torca LaBarga

(Torca Vega, CA-001, CA-002, Torca la Barga)

Area:Invernales de la Caballar
East, North:359126, 4788778 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7350507343492, 43.238618486838 (map)
Elevation (m):1174
Length (m):1680
Depth (m):-361
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


The entrance lies at the NW edge of a 50m wide doline 200m ENE of Invernales de la Caballar,


A stream sinking at the southern edge of the doline.


A chamber is followed by a 117m pitch, which is conveniently split into four, the last of these taking a trickle of water. An active passage can be followed for 100m to a tight crawl, while near the big pitch a traverse leads to a large abandoned passage with some breakdown and profuse development of miraballite formations up to 4m(?) long.
A further seven dry pitches lead to an active main stream passage which  terminates shortly in both directions in sumps.


Speleo Club Alpin Languedocien S.U.S.S. (1972) S.E.B. Escar (2010) S.E.B. Escar (2010)


S.E.B. Escar (2010): 359126 4788778 1174 SUSS: old co-ord: 359310 4789070 1180 (LUSS)


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