Tresviso Caves Project

Tresviso Caves Project Gazetter

T6: Torca del Joyu

(Cueva Muerte)

East, North:364606, 4790859 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:Google Earth
Long, Lat:-4.6680970667647, 43.258353202105 (map)
Elevation (m):844
Length (m):116
Depth (m):-14
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


(2022) Obvious paved platform behind (north) of the YHA in the center of Tresviso

(1974)Approaching Tresviso from Urdon, turn right after the first group of houses, on the right, in the village. The entrance lies just behind these houses.


(2022) Twin entrances, one is obvious paved picnic area leading to steps down into cave. Second entrance is 10m to the right, in overgrown enclosed area

(1974)The entrance is large and immediately obvious, placed in a small cliff. There is a further, smaller entrance just around the corner.


Metal walkway leads down into large chamber (+8m sqaure) with second entrance entering and small wet rift straight on leading to climb up. No way on

Cave is in process (2022) of being turned into a small show cave / geological point of interest for Tresviso. Although largely now cleaned of rubbish, there is glass and debris on the floor.

1974 Description
This cave is used as the village cesspit (1974), so beware of the many small inlets from local lavatories. The passages all have mud floors which eventually meet the roof. A 6m climb up mud and calcite at the end of the main rift may lead to a continuation via an aven. Near the second entrance, in the LH wall, there are a series of narrow rift passages which end in loose boulder chokes and a further rubbish choked entrance.


L.U.S.S. (1974-1977)
T.C.P. (2022)


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