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T742: Sima Vuc Pot


Area:Sierra del a Corta
East, North:361948, 4788450 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7002271030044, 43.236187993442 (map)
Elevation (m):1320
Length (m):127
Depth (m):-79
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


From the Jitu de Escarandi carpark take the track to Bejes down the hairpins until the farmers track is seen on the RHS. During the descent of the hairpins, make note of the nearest rocky outcrop, Sima Vuc Pot is located here. Take the farmers track and follow it to the top, then trend right towards the rocky outcrop, passing AS2 (a short blind pot, 0361802 4788448 1290m), there is no track and it is best to follow a GPS. Middle shaft of 3 large vertical depressions. The western most depression has a snow plug in it.


Sima Vuc Pot is in the middle of a series of obvious shake holes with fluted sides, labelled as AS3- 2018. The first pitch from the surface is 23m, rigged from nearby tree, with a re-belay on a boulder.


Sima Vuc Pot is located in an area of obvious shake holes with fluted sides, labelled as AS3. At least 2, but probably all 3 shakeholes connect.

The original 2018 entrance is the middle shakehole and the first pitch, from the surface, is 15m and rigged from nearby tree, with a re-belay on a boulder. At the base of the pitch is a double opening in the side of the shaft, with a strong draught. This leads directly to the 2nd pitch of 16m. The 2nd pitch begins quite narrow, but quickly opens up to a sizable boulder chamber, with the pitch continuing below. The boulder chamber was not explored, as the draught came from below.

The 2022 entrance (and easiest) is on the south side of the shakeholes and starts as a short canyon heading west. After 2 short down climbs, the canyon turns north and descends to a pitch head. Rigged from a large boulder and two bolts a 12m free-hanging descent lands on a ledge. 2 bolts give a further 6m free hang to the floor and connects to the 2018 route.

At the base of the 2nd pitch, a narrow descending meander leads to a 6m down climb and a small chamber. The meander becomes very tight, and a draught is present. The passage has been enlarged and can be followed at a high level (traverse line advisable), through a muddy constriction, with the floor approx. 10m below. It is possible to drop down the meander just before the constriction to an undescended muddy pot.

At the end of the meander is a muddy pitch of 15m, re-belayed at 3m, dropping into a large meandering passage, 10-15m tall and 2-3m wide, with the walls covered in white degraded calcite. The passage is approx. 30m long to another shaft . The bottom of this shaft appears to have surface debris, so possible carrying water from the surface.

The continuing meander gets smaller, and a rift in the floor shows a mud covered floor below, around 6m below. The rift would need enlarging to gain access further.


T.C.P. (2018, 2022, 2023)


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