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O-24: Fuente De Obar

East, North:351526, 4792917 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.8297246599546, 43.274412708836 (map)
Elevation (m):230
Length (m):670
Depth (m):0
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Heading from Arenas de Cabrales toward Poncebos. The signposted 'Cheese Cave' is passed. On the right(?) hand side of the Cares river (as you drive up the mountain): 1st Resurgence = Fuente de la Lisa 2nd Resurgence = Fuente de Obar




the cave stretches over 670m and includes four sumps. Sump 1 is 83m (-8m depth) from the entrance. The passage then rises to a point +61m, to a 32m long chamber, with flat and sandy soil, and the Domino pitch on the right leads to sump 2

The main passage continues to sumps 3 (25m depth -3m) and sump 4 (cave height +30m)

the active cave is largely impenetrable. the water comes from sump 4 which has not been explored (1985). The passage between Sump 3 and Sump4 is very narrow and covered in white calcite.

Sump 2 has not been explored but probably leads to a large unexplored (but submeged section)

This resurgence has an inlet within Sump 1 that contains warm incoming water (23 degrees C).


Spelunca 19, supp. (1985)


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