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PO-26: Torca de los Colladines

East, North:357434, 4794122 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7572637005887, 43.286399615487 (map)
Elevation (m):655
Length (m):383
Depth (m):-118
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


The Torca de los Colladines (PO-26) was located, and partially explored in 2017.
During the 2018 campaign, it was possible to complete its exploration, resulting in the most remarkable cavity (due to its depth) to date in our explorations in Portudera.


Difficult to locate, it opens its mouth in a rocky step in the area of ??the Colladines de Vierru.


The 12 m well is located on a steep stone ramp. This same ramp leads to the head of a 34 m wide well. At the base of this well, and after a reduction in size, an obvious continuation places us below a 5 m high. After this highlight we will reach a narrowing between formations, which will allow us to continue moving through the cavity.

After this narrow passage, a few meters away, a new narrower, but much more severe, uncomfortable and vertical character appears before us. This difficulty will be the obstacle to overcome to access the rest of the cavity. Overcoming this difficulty, we will arrive at a room with much more comfortable dimensions, and full of training.

After this small room we will access a 37 m well. This well does not offer absolute verticality, as it is a large fracture covered by a powerful casting, forming throughout the descent different sections of inclined ramps. From the head of this P-37, a handrail was accessed during our explorations to an elongated room, where we found a large number of formations, and beautiful gours that covered the floor, but which did not offer continuity. . In the descent of the P-37, and about 10 m from its base, a wide platform appears on one side of it. In this platform we can find different behaviors without continuation. Already at the base of this well, we will find the continuation of the cavity in a narrow between blocks of doubtful stability. After the narrowness, a descending duct leads us to a room, where extremely white formations welcome us.

At this point, the main fracture where the cavity develops shrinks, and becomes somewhat chaotic. Following the direction of the main fracture, a very uncomfortable new narrower allows us to access an inclined stay, where the height does not exceed one and a half meters. This room leads to a new, and even more severe, narrowness.

After this last narrowing, the dimensions again increase. At this point we will find ourselves in an elongated room, which is suddenly interrupted by a narrow one. This step is partially flooded, and by the marks we can see the level of flooding is very variable, even covering it completely. This step has some formations that make it difficult to pass, forcing us to get completely wet so we can continue to dig deeper. After the flooded passage, the dimensions are reduced again, and after a few short ramps, and with an exposed 6 m rise the cavity ends without giving any possibility of any possible continuation to the -118 m depth.

The Torca de los Colladines (PO-26) reaches a depth of -118 m, and one offers a development of 383 m.

Exploration completed.


Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern,2017


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