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S-33: Torca de la Hendida

(Cleft Cave)

East, North:363259, 4785128 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.683264863827, 43.206525539545 (map)
Elevation (m):1975
Length (m):1263
Depth (m):-452
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


The entrance is on a rocky hillside to the right of S-4, as the slope drops Just before the summit of Samelar take the path to the right and traverse round to the south eastern slopes and head for La Hendida. A steep channel can be found and descend parallel to this and head towards the karst on the left hand side.


2m x 2m entrance


Large vertical cave with two large chambers. A P12, P5, P28, P51, P65, P6, P28 and P54 leads to the first chamber La Salita at -200m

The next chamber is down 2 smaller pitches. Towards the end of the chamber is the large P130 that leads to a major boulder collapse. This can be pushed for some way to the the head of an unstable P8 at -452m.

Both chambers are approx. 100m long with lots of boulder collapse.

Paso del Pajarito
Paso del Figurin
Paso de la Mascleta
Estrecho del Cangrejo
Pozo de la Escalera
Pozo de la Esperanza
La Salita


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