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Area:Mazarrasa Mines
East, North:360535, 4785518 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7168808338814, 43.209537670387 (map)
Elevation (m):1836
Length (m):0
Depth (m):0
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


On track leading from Caseton de Andara to the Mazarrasa Mines, just before the switch backs up to Pozo Castillo, is FT14 Hasta Luego. FT12 is on the obvious track below, heading toward the Segura 2 entrance.


Open shaft, with stones placed in make shift wall around the entrance.


The entrance pitch is 10m (best re-belayed twice) to a boulder floor at around 8m. The floor descends over very loose rock and it is best to remain on the rope. At the bottom a muddy traverse of 8m passes over the top of a continuation pitch through various mine debris and stemples. This pitch is approx. 5m (undescended) and probably connects to another down pitch and then end of the muddy traverse (undescended). At the same level as the top of the stemples, there appears to have been a passage entering from a general westerly direction. This is probably FT10 (Caseton) but now collapsed. Just before the end of the muddy traverse there is an aven coming in. This is approx. 10m and has wooden stemples (unclimbed). The traverse drops down 1m to a wider passage that has a climb on the left and an obvious mine passage straight ahead.
The left-hand passage ascends for 16m (at 25 degrees to an obvious snow plug and daylight entrance. This is FT11.
The mine passage continues for 10m to a right-hand bend, before another 6m of passage leads to an obvious shaft on the right, with the sounds of water. This is probably (although unconfirmed) the 2nd pitch in FT14 Hasta Luego. There are a number of passages leading off from the head of the pitch (assumed to be FT10 and other entrances into FT14). A steep unstable slope at the end is also probably FT13 or FT14a
Note: early records state that there is a vocal connection with Pozo Castillo from within FT14 Hasta Luego. However, the systems would appear to be at least 100m apart. A more comprehensive survey of the additional entrances and a resurvey of FT14 Hasta Luego is recommended.


L.S.D. (1981) T.C.P. (2018)


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