Tresviso Caves Project

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Area:Mazarrasa Mines
East, North:0, 0
Coordinate Quality:No location
Long, Lat:-7.4887438971664, 0
Elevation (m):0
Length (m):0
Depth (m):-17
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


The Vegas de Andara (SARA Depression) at its head splits into three main cirques. From E to W, these are closest to the Collado San Carlos, the Vega del Hoyo Oscuru and that under the cliff wall between Castillo del Grajal, and Pico del Grajal de Abajo, (also called the Grajal Depression) From the Caseton de Andara take the track to the 'long cabana' past the hole in the spoil contoring on grass under Castillo del Grajal


Obvious large shaft below T336.


A 10m pitch lands on snow. To SW of snow pile it is possible to slide down another 5m-7m between rock and snow. Continues downs but appears to get tight and unpleasant.


L.U.S.S. (1986), LUSS 4


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