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D-10: Cueva'l Hierru

(Cueva del Vierro, Cueva Jierru, E26)

Area:Vegas de Sotres
East, North:358100, 4784320 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:Google Earth
Long, Lat:-4.7465355831405, 43.198301115106 (map)
Elevation (m):1650
Length (m):625
Depth (m):-449
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


The entrance is located at the top of a scree slope, on the right bank of the Vierro Canal. It is approached from Las Vegas de Sotres, following the trail to Camarmeņa and going up the Vierro channel for 1.5 km. To the left, above the scree slope, is the cave.


No description currently available


Strong draft blows out the entrance. The cave is extremely tight and narrow for the first 50m of depth, following a meander of around 50cm in average width. The meander is interspersed with pitches which are generally wide and comfortable

At -50m to -100m depth the meander becomes even tighter and must be negotiated by traverse at different levels to progress

Sumps at -449

Note: according to Spanish exploration (2013) the original 80's survey is correct in detail but direction is opposite of drawing! Location / original GPS also suspect and entrance may be opposite side of channel.

Very hard cave, tight and cold


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