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East, North:354952, 4793594 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7877030576067, 43.281173418254 (map)
Elevation (m):1019
Length (m):198
Depth (m):-42
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Cavity located in the Jou de la Poza, and which was located, and partially explored during our first campaign in Portudera in 2016, continuing its exploration in the Portudera 2017 campaign.


The entrance of the cavity is formed by a well of 6 meters. This small vertical, could derail - the former use of the cavity to mature cheese so shows it - if not for the abundant vegetation in it, which is why it is preferable to use vertical progression techniques to overcome this difficulty.


After this well, a steep ramp places us at a point where the cavity offers two possibilities of continuation. The most obvious is a narrow passage modified by man to put a door, which places us in a room of good size with remains of cheese. The second option is a conduit that between blocks and always descending projections places us in the middle sector of the cavity Returning to the room, we can see how it is formed by the collapse of large blocks from the roof of the room. On the sides of the room you can access higher areas, but they do not offer continuation.

In the southwest corner of this room, we will find a set of beautiful formations, among which appears a steeply inclined ramp where we will have to use the rope again. After this ramp and a small projection, we will place ourselves in a room, but smaller than the previous one. This room is really a room created by the accumulation of large blocks. From this point and to the south, a 3 meter well will place us at the point where the second option described above ends. From here, and by a narrow passage, we will be located in a dangerously balanced block zone, where a 6 meter well will place us in a room with no possibility of continuation. Returning to the second room, and after overcoming some projection in a westerly direction, some descending conduits will lead us to a narrowness between blocks. After this narrowness -which had to be unblocked- and after a projection we will place ourselves in a very active vertical 8 meters. Arriving at the base of this well, a small contribution makes an appearance of presence to sink immediately by a conduit that prevents our progression. On the other side of this conduit a clear continuation can be seen, as well as a larger water course can be heard circulating. At this point the exploration was stopped, this question becoming an objective for future explorations.

The cavity presents results of -42 meters deep, with a development of 198 meters. Exploration in progress


Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern,2016 - 2017


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