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T316: Crystal Pot

East, North:0, 0
Coordinate Quality:Google Earth
Long, Lat:-7.4887438971664, 0
Elevation (m):0
Length (m):0
Depth (m):-40
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


From the campsite in the Pozo de Andara (Lake Depression) go up steep slope (as for 56) to a col and along a high valley parallel with the Lake Depression. After approx 1km a grassy pond is reached. Ascend a steep rock slope on the right and follow this round to the left.


Under small overhanging cliff near centre of depression.


A 10m hand line climb over snow leads into chamber with snow and boulder choke at bottom. A 13m pitch in hole in right wall is very loose. Rift leads to 6m climb. Choked hole in floor. Large hading rift, full of loose clay descends for 10-15m. Looks too tight.


L.U.S.S. (1986), LUSS 4



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