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O-08: Torca de los Garamicios

(Torca de los Garamicios I, Torca de los Garamicios de Abajo, D-40 (IEOJE)))

East, North:365990, 4787600 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:Uncertain
Long, Lat:-4.6502605076594, 43.229265977117 (map)
Elevation (m):1060
Length (m):0
Depth (m):-116
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


From Bejes direction Doblillo and from here take the road to the mines of the Aurora. Follow the zig-zags for 800 m to a meadow and descend in the direction of the Corbera River. The entrance is in a small valley, 100 m below D13.


A entrance of 5m x 3 m


Entrance of 5m x 3 m to P21, followed by crack to P8, P30 and P38.  Pendulum on final pitch gives access to a short continuation.


Fichas Catálogo. Cillorigo de Liébana-ECS. IEOJE. (1993). “Memoria de la campaña espeleológica Bejes-92”.


The cavity was known by the inhabitants of Bejes, for some time (Gregorio Roiz) 1970 E.C.S. locates and descends to -100 m. 1975 E.C.S. explores and survey, -103 m. 1990 E.O.J.E. explore 1992 E.O.J.E. explore and survey


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