Tresviso Caves Project

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T44: Las Minas de Los Ingleses

(T301, Minas de Los Ingleses)

East, North:365107, 4790936 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:Old maps (200m out)
Long, Lat:-4.6619459950358, 43.259136109102 (map)
Elevation (m):891
Length (m):150
Depth (m):-175
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Beside Tresviso-Urdon track, east of Tresviso. Follow track from Urdon to Tresviso past the trough and after negotiating the final bend


large, open shaft covered by brambles can be seen 15m to the left of the track


Partially natural shaft descends for 50m. At the base of the shaft was an intricate system of mine workings. Along the main passage there was another shaft about 10m deep, with no continuation. Other shafts in the area were mine workings. The mines were apparently once worked by a small number of Englishmen who mined for blende and lived in the cabana de los Ingleses.  
1997 report states -175m depth RRCPC The mine working intersecs a natural cave, beginning with a 25m pitch landing on a steep boulder slope.  Two short climbs in a rift and a stopping passage led to a second pitch of 13m into a pitch decorated chamber.  
A short climb down stal bosses and a tight thrutch reveled the third pitch of 35m.  This tuned out to be roomy, and best rigged as a triple of 12.5m, 7.5m and 10m.  A blind pot at the bottom suggested no wat on, but a short climb up into a side passage revealed a sloping rift which was tackled by a roof traverse and then a 12m pitch.  A dig in the floor revealed a traverse over boulders ending at an eyehole into large void.  A free 34m abseil down to a boulder strewn fllor in a large chamber 8m, 35m long and upwards of 80m high.  Large amount of debris from higher mine workings.  Way on blocked by this debris.  Some superb blue stals in the corner.  Total depth of -175


L.U.S.S. (1974-1977) Cantabria Subterranea 1997 RRCPC 1982



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