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T593: La Cueva de la Lanza de Cristal

(Los Ladrones)

East, North:363715, 4789568 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.6787505711039, 43.246572397468 (map)
Elevation (m):812
Length (m):250
Depth (m):0
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


80m WSW of Agua, obvious double hole 300m above Agua entrance on the Cuesta de les Cuerres cliff face Route to cave: See map entitled: 'Approch Map for Cueva de la Lanza de Cristal.jpg' See also photo entitled: 'Photo route to Cueva de la Lanza de Cristal.jpg' 1. Drive to carpark at the crossroads at the top of the pass to Tresviso. GR 36047886 2. Park here, or dive on if you have a 4x4, following the gravel road east for 3km. 3. After the gravel road contours around the side of 'Seierra de la Corta' with a scary drop to your left it then bends right (south) and enters forest. 4. After 300m a gravel road turns off sharply left heading NE. Park here and follow it NE. 5. After 400m the road runs out. From here head ENE through the broken deciduous forest over difficult fern covered limestone pavement, following the general crest of the ridge, as best you can. 6. After 500m you leave the forest. From the last tree continue down the crest of the open rocky ridge for 60m. 7. Before the rocky ridge gets very steep turn left and follow a broken steepish grassy ledge traversing NW. 8. Head gradually down between the major cliff drop to your right and the broken rough cliffs up to your left (with a few trees on them) for 350m. Very difficult going. Try to follow goat paths. 9. The width of the broken grassy traversing/descending ledge narrows to 5m or so. Rope up and use tree to belay. 2x50m ropes needed (2x60 would be better). 10. Climb/traverse a 'Diff' pitch, the same direction as before (NW) past a major cave entrance (leads nowhere). Belay at large oak 15m past and down from cave. 11. Abseil from Oak. The pitch is a do-able steep scary grassy climb back up going at HS, but it has only one thread for protection! Best to tie 1 rope on to tree and leave here for the return. Abseil down very steep grassy slope (same direction, NW). When descent gets easier gradually follow grass round to the right. 12. When rope runs out, continue following descending grass (and small thorn bushes) round to right. 13. Eventually you will start heading back on yourself (SE) but now on a lower traversing grassy ledge, heading back the way you came, but now 40m lower. 14. After 35m at a couple of large trees near a small spring, the ledge begins to peter out. 15. Belay from here continuing SE along this new lower ledge, first descending 5m then climbing 15m to a boulder belay in the entrance of Glass Spear Cave. Return the same way.


A large grassy ledge protected from the weather above (good for camping) leads upwards to a flat floored large room where goats must often shelter.


A large grassy ledge protected from the weather above (good for camping) leads upwards to a flat floored large room where goats must often shelter. The entrance chamber narrows to an easy short passage adorned with the caves first formation hanging from the roof, 'Moby Dick's Epiglottis', which is 40m into the cave.

Beyond this the cave opens up once again to a large beautifully decorated stal chamber. An unfollowed muddy crawl leads off in the floor over to the left. To the right the decorations continue, but beware the slippery moon milk covered floor. Stepping up one encounters the actual 'Glass Spear' its self (an impressive meter long translucent barb thrusting out at head height with a serrated lower edge), it is one of many, but this one really does stand out. The way on is opposite this spear. Follow where it is pointing up. There are several helictite festooned squeezes, but one climb is relatively easy and free of breakable pretties.

This leads to a low broad slopping floored area with lots of calcited up narrow passages leading up. Following the floor downwards, however, leads to a series of more comfortably heighted chambers. All at the same level, these small-ish rooms interlink all over the place but many of the would be portals are filled with delicate helictites. Beautiful things are at every turn and a great deal of care must be taken.
Sadly, before long the series of small chambers runs out, ending in a finale of glass antlers dripping down from the low ceiling at 45% featuring corrugated lower edges.


T.C.P. (2016)


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