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T510: Cueva del Entre Cuetos

(Cave of the Dug Out Entrance, Cueva del Quesos, The Cheese Cave)

Area:Sierra del a Corta
East, North:360869, 4788182 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:Uncertain
Long, Lat:-4.7134424903682, 43.233577530491 (map)
Elevation (m):1305
Length (m):283
Depth (m):-117
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


From Jitu Escarandi carpark head over obvious small col and skirt round the RHS heading for the obvious gap between two small cols. Follow the track down hill, through a leafy area. An obvious depression contains a small pile of rocks dug from the entrance.


Small obvious cheese cave at side of depression


From entrance go past old cheese tables and round to the left to a junction.  Drop down and left to a tight crawl.  Crawl best approached on side, crux point in middle.  The crawl emerges into a small chamber.  
Hole in floor leads down (feet first) and then to the right.  At left turn is anchor for the first pitch.  
Pitch 1: Step onto platform and look up.  There is a rock bridge that can be used to place a long sling.  If you're doing 'proper' rigging then a deviation (LHS facing out) part way down will help.  Leads onto pitch 2.  
Pitch 2: There is a boulder in the floor that can be used as an anchor.  The RHS wall will take a wire.  Then there is a spit on the LHS and finally a there is an eye that can take a deviation. Descend as far as the wide ledge, that circles this chamber.  The climb to the base of the chamber is straightforward.  From the base of this chamber climb over and down a boulder to find pitch 3.
Pitch 3 (Sword pitch): There is a chamber with a low window to the left and the top of a sandy rift leading on.  The way on is through the window.  There are a few boulders so that you can start rigging.  You will need a rope protector to go through the window.  Although, I never used it there may be a thread just above the outside of the window. Go down a few meters and on the RHS facing in you will see two spits for a y-hang.  Further down on that wall you will see a couple of small stall spikes.  These can be used for deviations with 1 inch flat tape.  Under the calcite flow there are more stals for further deviation if required.  From base of P3 climb up 2m and on RHS, below window, find spit for pitch 4.  
Pitch 4: The takeoff is a single spit that needs a rope protector.  A deviation partway down brings the rope out.  [In the UK you would rig this as a long traverse using half a dozen spits.]  Leads directly onto pitch 5.  
Pitch 5: Can either be rigged from a natural in the roof (stand on the middle of the ledge) or there may be a spit on the RHS, facing out.  From base of P5 (looking out) turn left and walk to pitch 6.  
Pitch 6: I have no recollection of this.  Probably a y-hang with 2 spits.  Walk to a larger sandy chamber, 'The Waiting Room', The way on is a crawl to the left and down.  
A flat out crawl (remove SRT equipment) leads to the Departure Lounge, a small chamber within a meander.  A draught is ecnountered at the head of an enlarged pitch head.
Pitch 7: pitch head is tight, best tackled by climbing up and over and lowering onto the first bolt.  Pitch is approx. 10m to ledge, and immediately onto pitch 8.
Pitch 8: another 10m onto pitch 9
Pitch 9: 10m into chamber.
Cave takes different characteristics in the chamber.  Passage is compacted mud and rock that would appear to have taken a lot of water.  The passage becomes increasinly more fragile and enters an area f breakdown.  Foloow the water down into an immature streamway.
The streamway draugths but is tight.  It can be force round a right hand and then left hand bend to a lowering of the roof.  The passage continues beyond and appears to drop slightly but has not been pushed.


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