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T510: Cueva del Entre Cuetos

(Cave of the Dug Out Entrance, Cueva del Quesos, The Cheese Cave)

Area:Sierra del a Corta
East, North:360869, 4788182 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7134424903682, 43.233577530491 (map)
Elevation (m):1305
Length (m):283
Depth (m):-117
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


From the Jitu Escarandi carpark head over the obvious small col and skirt round the right hand side heading for the obvious gap between two small cols. Follow the track down-hill, through a leafy area. An obvious depression contains a small pile of rocks dug from the entrance and a cheese cave door is visible low and, on the right.


Small obvious cheese cave at side of depression


The entrance passage slopes down to a chamber with evidence of cheese storage racks on the left. A high-level tube on the left has not been explored. The passage continues down through to a short drop down to a junction. Left and up leads to an awkward crawl up to a low boulder strewn chamber. Straight ahead leads to a short flat out crawl to a calcited section of passage. A low slot on the right leads to a muddy tube descending to a tight squeeze. Beyond the squeeze the passage continues but has not been explored.

Back at the junction a low crawl at floor level, with an obvious draft, is the way on deeper into the cave. The passage turns sharp right to a very tight section, The Constriction of Doom. The constriction is approx. 6m long, with the tightest bit in the middle, ending on a small debris filled chamber. Straight ahead over further debris leads to a dead end. The way on is down through an obvious hole in the floor, to The Corkscrew, best tackled feet first facing into the cave.

At the bottom a hands and knees crawl leads to the top of the first 10m pitch. The second pitch follows immediately and is another 10m to an awkward climb down, for a further 4m, to a chamber.

The passage descends to the top of the third Sword Pitch. Across the pitch head and above is a possible high-level passage entering, but this has not been explored.

The pitch is 30m, split with a rebelay approx. 5m down. At the base of Sword Pitch a 2m climb up on the right-hand side leads to the start of the fourth (6m) and fifth (5m) pitches, which can be rigged as one. At the bottom of the fifth pitch a low crawl leads back to a pitch parallel to Sword Pitch, but this has not been explored.

A winding rift passage leads to the sixth (4m) pitch into the Waiting Room, a small sandy chamber. At the bottom of the chamber a series of flat out crawls leads to a tight rift with a draught The Departure Lounge. The rift has been enlarged at the head of the seventh (7m) pitch, quickly leading to the eight (8m) and ninth (10m) pitches. There is a possible high-level passage entering above the pitches, and a high-level traverse around the side to a calcited hole on the far side, but neither has been explored fully.

The final pitch lands in a roomy chamber where the character of the cave begins to change, becoming wetter and colder. A route through breccia leads to a drop down at the end of the chamber leading to an immature stream way. The streamway drafts but is tight. It can be force round a right hand and then left-hand bend to a lowering of the roof. The passage continues beyond and appears to drop slightly but attempts to push further along have failed.


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