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T516A: Calf Hole

(Cheese Cave I)

East, North:362398, 4790564 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.6952150599042, 43.25529809151 (map)
Elevation (m):825
Length (m):0
Depth (m):0
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Follow the Sobra valley downstream past Cowshead Cavern. Approx. 25m further along, on the left is another small resurgence (very low to boulder blockage). 3m further along, on the same side and set slightly back from the track is an obvious cheese cave entrance. Note: This is almost certainly Cheese Cave I, reported in the S.W.C.C. 1986 journal.


obvious cheese cave entrance.


The entrance is partly bricked, with a doorway, but is easily accessed to an 8m walking passage and leads around the corner to a 3m x 3m chamber full of old cheese racks. Immediately ahead a small drop leads straight into a small streamway, full of plastic panels, used for cheese storage.
The downstream passage is approx. 4m long, getting gradually smaller and heads back towards the entrance. The end has surface debris and possible just resurges into the track leading to the cave.
Upstream is easy going passage to a small boulder collapse, with the sound of water below the boulders (not a promising dig and most likely the water previously seen resurging beside the track).
A crawl over the biggest boulder leads into a small chamber. A sharp right and up through an awkward squeeze into another small chamber. There are two ways on, up and right drops down again into a small chamber with a vocal connection back to the upstream limit and 'LUSS 1986 Dick' carved into the mud.
Straight ahead and up to the right leads to a tight squeeze that might be passable by a very small person, or the solid roof could be expanded. It is possible to see along the rift to where the passage gets bigger and a possible continuation beyond.
There is a slight draft present, but the cave is still close to the surface and would appear to be heading directly towards the currently inaccessible cheese cave passage, on the right of the Cowshead Cavern entrance.
From the small chamber with the cheese racks, there is a small step up behind the racks, leading to a crawl. This is approx. 3m long to a small chamber, there is a passage above the incoming passage, heading back in the same direction, along a crawl to a slope with surface roots. In the chamber there are 2 tight crawls (top one is easier) that lead to a possible continuation.


S.W.C.C. (1986) T.C.P. (2019)


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