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T11: Cueva del Rio Chico

(Little River Cave, S2)

East, North:364417, 4789200 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.6700164783111, 43.243386580053 (map)
Elevation (m):455
Length (m):500
Depth (m):-25
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Follow the canal for 1km down from Cueva del Nacimiento (Cueva del Agua). On the sharp bend in the canal (after walking through a tunnel on planks supported above the water) one finds a sluice gate and a cave entrance.


The entrance has been modified by blasting and lies on the fault. A stream issues from the cave and joins the canal.


The passage has been enlarged by blasting for the first 200m and the stream is carried by a man-made canal. This has re-directed the stream from its previous route which was down a steep fault-guided rift that we did not explore. A further 100m of walking and climbing leads, via a series of deep pools, to a sump, very large and clear. Possible continuations include steep upward slopes (see survey) and a draughting but impassably tight hole above the sump. Engineers had worked extensively in the cave, penetrating as far as the sump, presumably when the canal and hydro were built.   (Caves & Caving 28: Colin did 2 dives - one at Cueva del Rio Chico extending it to a second sump) Chico is a flood overflow to Agua, some way along the Urdon Gorge. Shortly inside the entrance the first sump is met. This was dived some years previously by Colin who entered an air bell after 35m.   The second sump was attacked this year by Steve. On his first dive he dropped to 37m in a descending canyon. His second dive was accordingly planned to be a decompression dive, Steve setting himself a depth limit of 55m. At 55m the canyon was still descending   

  • PW(2011)  Colin climbed the ramps in the 70's they all petered out?
  • PW(2012) Martin Groves climbed 'new' ramp spotted by Rupert Skorupka.  Petered out  
  • Rupert Skorupka has been diving sump 2.  Sump tied off at approx -37m (not 55m as reported).  Rupert continuing at site, still descending.
  • Reference

  • L.U.S.S. (1974-1977)
  • Caves & Caving No 28.
  • Caves and Caving No. 36
  • SWCC 1986
  • Notes

    Alternate co-ordinates:
  • MAS2000 0364417 4789200,
  • 364145 4789073,
  • 364029 4788948
  • Tresviso 1980 - Chico is possible resurgence for Latoma valley or drainage direct from Andara (unlikely to be connected to Agua)
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