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T9 : La Torca las Garmas

East, North:364417, 4794804 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:Map (yellow map)
Long, Lat:-4.6713964683108, 43.29382797818 (map)
Elevation (m):1035
Length (m):0
Depth (m):-75
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Follow the path from Corrales Aravanes up past El Ortigal and the group of largely deserted cabanas. The path runs southwards along the western side of the valley, and the entrance is 50m below it, approximately 500m past the cabanas. The location description and lat/long place this North of San Estaban and nearly 5km away from Tresviso!


The entrance (3m across) is obscure, hidden amongst the rock outcrops on the valley side. A tree grown in the entrance, but does not stand proud of it.


An entrance pitch of 30m leads into a rift and this descends in two further steps of 25m and 20m before becoming too tight.


L.U.S.S. (1974-1977)


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