Tresviso Caves Project

Tresviso Caves Project Gazetter


East, North:361088, 4789306 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7110297606205, 43.243734814446 (map)
Elevation (m):1355
Length (m):0
Depth (m):-110
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


on the Valdelafuente, approach from Jitu Escarandi


Obvious hole in fissured depression


Short climb down onto debris heap. Down to left is start of first pitch, sling on boulder to left. Short 3m drop, is tight, although a route over the top could be used. Pitch lands in large cross rift. Facing out from pitch, right hand route is tight rift with holes in the floor - not explored.

Left hand route leads over large boulder into the top of a large rift / chamber 4m climb down across loose stones leads to pitch head.

3 routes of varying difficulty. Looking down pitch. RIght hand side - climb up to obvious ledge over pitch. Cylindrical shaft approx. 7m Straight on - 3m drop to slope that runs off to left. Left hand route - eyehole to ledge. Route goes down a calcite(?) slope and rejoins main pitch. 3m climb down gives view of ledge further down pitch. IN total the pitch is 100m deep regardless of route. No apparent way on at the bottom


S.B.S.S. (2010)