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PO-36: Toyu l'Agua

East, North:357280, 4792532 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7587486551296, 43.272059599589 (map)
Elevation (m):1148
Length (m):361
Depth (m):31
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


No description currently available, within Portudera (Asturias) area


Large circular entrance


great entrance of almost circular form, and with clear phreatic morphology. A large room, with high ceilings and large formations

in an easterly direction, the cavity continues with large dimensions, until at one end it is collapsed by large blocks. These large blocks seem to come from the collapse of the vault. This sinking seems to be related to the Torco de los Ciegos (PO-35), a cavity very close to the Toyu l'Agua. At the other end of this sector, the cavity gradually reduces its dimensions to become a narrow meander of mud, which ends in an impenetrable sink.

Returning to the entrance of the cavity, in a westerly direction the bifurcation cavity. In a southerly direction, we can ascend a steep slope, which leads us to a new fork. At this point the cavity has large and striking formations. If we continue on the most obvious path to follow, we will encounter several possibilities. A wide, strongly sloping duct, with a northerly direction, ends abruptly. If we continue through this sector, between formations and narrow passages, we will arrive at a room of strong inclination with abundant formations. Overcoming an exposed free ledge, we will reach a fossil meander, which, with continuous descent, places us in a P-10 that leads to one of the large galleries of the cavity.

Returning to the initial gallery, and at its final end, a duct with a strong slope, similar and parallel to the one described above, allows us to connect with the large entrance gallery, just before starting the narrow duct that gives continuity to the cave.

This duct, through which circulates the small active course that arises through the cavity, and in which we appreciate an icy current of air, is at the beginning of reduced dimensions, to gradually expand its size. At this point we find the remains of the cheesemakers, in which the shepherds tried to mature their cheeses without success. Following a clear northwest guideline, the conduit, and without hardly varying its dimensions - only at some point where the dimensions are reduced to form a catwalk - leads us to a larger room, and where the sharp forms of erosion are the note to highlight. Here, in a flooded meander and without the possibility of continuation, the Toyu l'Agua ends.

Only in a narrow meander ending after about 5 m, it would be possible to find a continuity. It should be noted that the groundwater level that marks the flooded meander of the Toyu l'Agua, coincides almost in elevation, with the level of the flooded well of the Torca de Trasdeltoyu (PO-40 and PO-41), showing a clear relationship between the two cavities and their location.


Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern,2018
Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern,2019


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