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2.21: 2.21

(2.21, AN-42)

Area:Vegas de Andara
East, North:361424, 4785409 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:Map (yellow map)
Long, Lat:-4.7059142398291, 43.208720263076 (map)
Elevation (m):1830
Length (m):0
Depth (m):0
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


30m above and W.N.W. from SARA mine entrance.


Two large, clearly defined. Opening leading into the rift on the left hand side of path from Sara mine.


Small climb splits into two passages. One chokes after 6m the other is small and loose, leading into a mined chamber. This chokes but daylight enters from a nearby shaft.

1979 An 8m long rift and short climb down leads to mined passages. The northern branch chokes after 6m, but after a 10m pitch a number of passages run southwards along the rift line. All these mined passages soon choke and no way on was found even above the timbered roof of the rift. (possibly collapse since 1978)


L.U.S.S. (1974-1977) A.D.KAMI. (1996) Memorias Beges 1996


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