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T516: Cueva de la Cabeza de Vaca

(Cowshead Cavern, Cueva el Agua en Sobra, Cheese Cave, Ogof Pen Y Buwch)

East, North:362314, 4790563 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:Uncertain
Long, Lat:-4.6962492198899, 43.255273752644 (map)
Elevation (m):894
Length (m):3000
Depth (m):54
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


In the Sobra Valley, follow the main down into the valley, as if heading towards Cueva del Marniosa. Just before Marniosa, where the track splits, take the left hand track down to the obvious cabanas in a clearing. Turn east and head back down the valley (as if returning to Tresviso). The path leads down through a stream to an obvious resurgence on the left. The cave is located on the northern side of the Sobra Valley and would appear to be a resurgence for caves on the western end of the Tresura range t.


entrance to an old cheese cave which was resurging


followed it to a choke, but the following day this was dug and 250m of passage followed to a sump. The skeleton of a bear Ursus spelaeus - 2018) was also found.  Originally thought to be cow head skeleton (hence name of cave)  
The sump was subsequently passed by Julian after a 100m dive and led to a further ?m of open stream passage and sump 2. This looked deep, but was only 4m long and easily passed by Rich Barker to 500m of open stream way and a large end chamber. The stream entered from a passage some 8m up the wall which Rob and lan scaled. Sump 3 was only a few meters beyond, but a few hundred meters of small oxbows were explored.   
(Unknown, post 1986) - passed 2 more sumps.  6th not passed.  pushed to 3km


S.W.C.C. (1986), Phuc, Carlos (1996) Daniel Ballesteros 2018 - personal comms. Re: bear skull not a cow


, extended 1996 to 3000m Alternate co-ords: 0362314 4790563, 362500 4791600


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