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T190: Torca Septrin


Area:Pico Boro
East, North:360109, 4786462 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7223619491238, 43.217955625491 (map)
Elevation (m):1696
Length (m):273
Depth (m):-180
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Follow a sheep track north west from the boggy area in the bottom of the depression below Pico Boro. After walking 300m and climbing 100m the entrance is seen. The entrance is a large surface feature 4m by 4m with a small cliff at one side.


The entrance is a large surface feature 4m by 4m with a small cliff at one side Entrance


A hand line is necessary to descend the snow slope from the surface. At the bottom, to the right is a small blind chamber. To the left duck under a small 'doorway' into a chamber. The immediate impression is of an old dry cave, with brown stalactite and collapsed reddish boulders.

Traverse over a small blind pit to the head of the first pitch, which is 12 m in a clean shaft and leads to the head of the sloping ladder climb. At the bottom of the ladder the pot closed down with tight rift development to the left and right. To the right the rift is too tight but descends to the same shaft as the left. On the left a short vertical squeeze of 1m, in which stemples were placed to aid ascent, opens out onto a short pitch which twists down to a further pitch of 34m.

Here the pot widens out; a large natural spike gives a fee hang down the centre of the shaft. Again there is an abundance of brownish calcite. The pitch lands on a sloping boulder floor. This quickly leads to a parallel shaft, and the next pitch of 25m. The hang is from the corner of the shaft, but soon the rope is hanging free in the centre of a very large shaft, with deepening blackness as the shaft widens. What appears to be a stream can be seen below; but this in fact a puddle on the spacious, flat, rocky floor. Water trickles down the shaft from an unseen inlet.

A small trickle runs away at the bottom of the shaft into a rift which rapidly becomes phreatic, and a pool is reached at stream level.

  • 2010 - rift was capped and access given to section of sharp crawls leading down 2m climb to small chamber.  Hole to right of chamber leads to approx 20m of climbs on sharp rock.  
  • 2014 - unable to progress through rift discovered at end of 2010.  Further back is series of parallel crawls to further pitch of approx 20m.  All close down
  • Reference

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  • Notes

    Alternate co-ordinates:
  • 0360096 4786447 (Mark Sefton 2000)
  • 0360109 4786462
  • 0360100 4786650 1650 m (Cant Sub 2010 - approx.)
  • 1984 depth -112m
  • 2014 depth -180m
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