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TCOV14: Torca de los Galesa

(T47A, Torca 51)

East, North:361844, 4790099 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7019206380851, 43.251011369337 (map)
Elevation (m):1223
Length (m):0
Depth (m):-85
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


From the Tresviso Sotres road, follow the track down into the Sobra Valley and head along same route as if going to Cueva de la Marniosa. From the cabanas below Marniosa follow the concrete track up until it ends (0361213, 4790478 937m). Head in an SSE direction going anticlockwise around the western side of the lump of limestone which contains the Marniosa entrance. Head uphill on a muddy, bramble slope through trees (towards 0361258, 4790317) passing Torca de la Grenata (0361266, 4790317 1024m).

Continue heading uphill (towards 0361276, 4790270) then climb and contour left round the hillside staying low to avoid the cliff/crag (0361458, 4790144). Head to (0361855, 4790135) a point north of the hole then climb carefully through the spikey bush down the crag to the cave.

The entrance is on the western side of a shakehole, with an approximately 10m deep East-West gulley (lined with blocks and leaf matter) in one side from the shakehole into the open pothole.


The entrance is a large, open shaft beyond the line of three shakehole and is difficult to find amidst the broken ground


Fluted shaft is 85m to a boulder floored chamber.

The lip of the gulley, into the pot, is 1m wide from the left to the right hand wall and begins with an airy take-off into the 7m x 7m wide pothole.

A 15m abseil reaches a single bolt rebelay, and after another 40m down from the lip is a boulder and leaf ledge, with a free-hanging y-hang in the narrowing of the shaft. A further 40m abseil gains the floor.

At the base of the shaft, down in the bottom right hand corner, is a long term digging project (if someone could spare 4 weeks of full time effort in a team of 4+ with scaffolding, timbers etc.). There is a tiny crack with a whistling/rushing sound which was thought to be air passing through the crack.

The walls of the pot rise impressively from the bottom of the pot.


L.U.S.S. (1974-1977)


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