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SN-6: Torca de la Cuerre

(Sima de la Cuerre, Torca de Concha Valera)

East, North:362657, 4786770 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:0, 0
Elevation (m):1563
Length (m):0
Depth (m):-360
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Cavity located on the northern slopes of Samelar, between the area designated as slopes of La Topinoria and Torca de Branarredonda. It is accessed from Bejes, along the road to Las Vegas de Andara until arriving at the Concha Valera turn. From this zone a channel that ascends between rocky slopes with steep slopes. In the upper part of this one opens the mouth of the cave


No description currently available Entrance


The chasm begins with a 12 m shaft that leads to a sloping chamber. Going down the ramp you come to a 3 m pitch that ends up blocked. Going up the ramp a window leads to another 8m pitch with bad and loose rock, leading to 20 m pith.

At the base of the pitch, a small meander is 6 meters long to a 10m pitch, that immediately connects to a 101m pitch.

Once at the base of this pitch, a climb to a window leads to a 93m pitch, which is wide (approx 10m diameter) and has numerous windows down the length.

The base of the pitch is a fairly large chamber. Going up reaches a window, and down to a 1m high ledge, meeting some water and a 15m pitch. This leads to a another 5m pitch to a 35m pitch

At the base of the 35m the stream is lost in a high and narrow meander. Later the meander opens at a P45 and continues until it opens again on a P30. At the base of this pitch, the river disappears into a very narrow meander / rift


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