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T15: La Cueva Mueria


East, North:362410, 4790133 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.6949596664773, 43.2514209048 (map)
Elevation (m):870
Length (m):189
Depth (m):-10
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


South side of the Sobra Valley. On a bearing of 210 degrees from the bridge below the Sobra dam.


There is a large entrance which is crossed by a wall and surrounded by nettles.


A winding phreatic tunnel 7m wide and 4m high forks after 35m. Left lowers to a bedding plane choked with calcite, right goes to another fork. Ahead a narrow headed rift, ends as a small aven, whilst to the right, a climb down into a chamber gives a choice of three ways on.

Sharp right leads to a 10m blind pitch.

Ahead is a lowering passage which seems to have been artificially blocked to create a cheese store, the walled entrance to which is on the left. Here a high rift containing rotten wooden shelves, doglegs sharply and opens to a 7m high chamber with some fine old flowstone. From here, a downward slope ends in a small aven, while up to the left a climb up calcite with two holes on the right leads into a small passage ending in a choked chamber.

The whole cave is dry and contains many old massive formations.


L.U.S.S. (1974-1977)
Dave Checkley 2010
T.C.P. (2012)


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