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2.24: Tere

(Torca de la Mina Tere ,AN-23,AN-023, Sima Tere)

Area:Sara Depression
East, North:361608, 4785227 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:Uncertain
Long, Lat:-4.7036045203763, 43.20711584599 (map)
Elevation (m):1820
Length (m):1000
Depth (m):-792
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Lying amongst spoil heaps on the east side of the floor of the Vegas de Andara (SARA Depression), 40m north-west of the junction of the track leading around the depression to the Sara mine, and the track leading down into the floor of the depression.


Large, normally snow plugged, open rift with 'TERE' painted on the west side. Very loose climb down on east side of snow plug into three-quarters choked mine entrance.


Full description available Collapsed close to entrance?


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Alternate co-ordinates: 0361628 4785232 (Mark Sefton 2000) 0361608 478522 1820 0361715 4785350 1820 m 0361750 4785400 1860 (Cant Sub 2010) 0361703 4785474 1860 (KAMI 96)


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