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East, North:356044, 4792430 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7739461664017, 43.270906394835 (map)
Elevation (m):1207
Length (m):106
Depth (m):-43
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Located in the Vega de l'Engraneu, at the bottom of a large sinkhole very close to the large cliffs that fall towards the Duje Valley.


Large entrance in the form of a shelter.


A narrow fissure between blocks, enters a low chamber. The chamber is crossed by a vertical rift, narrow, and with a large number of unstable blocks and stones. The rift can be followed into the continuation of the cave, but is very tight and awkward and leads onto a P14, also tight but does widen.

At the base of the P-14, a ramp with large blocks and unstable stones, leads to a P6 and at the bottom of this pitch a steep ramp, with large boulders. The cave gains width and the roof rises to exceed 10m in height.

The cave continues to descend to a loose 3m ledge / climb into a smaller chamber. A narrow tight rift at the bottom of the slope is the end of the cave at -43m conduit with a strong slope descends until it collapses due to landslides, preventing any continuity at a depth of -43 m. Point where the PO-58 ends.

Part way down the first P14 pitch is an alternative route through to a P10 which connects just above the 3m ledge.

The PO-58 is -43m depth, and 106m long


Club D'Espelelogia L'Avern 2020


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