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PO-24: Cueva de Tresmialma

East, North:354547, 4793258 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7926034391882, 43.27807118889 (map)
Elevation (m):1094
Length (m):363
Depth (m):-41
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


The Cave of Tresmialma (PO-24) is named after the herd where it is located. This cavity was located and explored during the campaign of 2017.


ts entrance, located at the bottom of a great depression, collects the waters that flow through it. These waters are added by an impenetrable duct on the same side of the inlet. Within a few meters of travel, this active course appears inside the cavity. The entrance mouth measures approx. 1'70 m high, about 10 m wide, and is occupied, almost entirely, by a wall, as it has always been used as a wall. corral for cattle.


I Already inside the dimensions increase progressively, and spectacularly, reaching the ceiling of the gallery at some points to exceed 24 m in height. The river running smoothly down the gallery has dug terraces at different heights. These terraces are made up of sediment deposits and a large number of pebbles, today excavated by the active course.

At about 200 m from the entrance, to the right of the gallery you will find an upper floor with abundant formations. This upper floor is hung at a height of about 10 m on the bottom of the gallery. Following the active course, and from this point, the dimensions diminish, until the water, and by a conduit that progressively obstructs itself by cudos and songs rolled, is added by an impenetrable step. Before entering this duct, and on a terrace hanging about four meters above the channel, we will access a zone of fossil and active ducts.

These ducts come together in the Gourmet Room, where after a 5 m climb (E-5), and the immediate descent of a P-4, we will arrive at a small stay where a small watercourse appears - point end of the topography - the one that crosses the conduit that gives continuity to the cavity. This duct, with a narrowing of about 30 centimeters in the middle, initially offers acceptable dimensions, but after narrowing it abruptly decreases, leading to a descending meander. This meander ends in a narrow well. This well, about 15 m deep, gradually widens to its base. From this base, and continuing on the bed of beds that follows the active course, we will progress to its end, where finally the water is added by a new impenetrable duct. Returning to the base of the P-15, and on its side we will find a low ceiling, with a large accumulation of sand. Following different low roof behaviors, we will reach a small room where two climbs stopped the exploration.

The topographic data of the Cave of Tresmialma (PO-24) offer results of -41 m depth, which will be increased to at least -60 m. The development of the cavity to the last topographic point is 363 m, which will also increase when our explorations into the cavity are completed.

Exploration in progress.


Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern,2017


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