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PO-6: Torca de la Cabra

East, North:356339, 4792429 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7703123730962, 43.270953702152 (map)
Elevation (m):1144
Length (m):76
Depth (m):-18
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Cavity located and explored in the 2016 summer season. The PO-6 is located next to the road that goes from Peña Crimienda to Tordín, in the area of ??the Vega de l'Engraneu.


The mouth of entrance, of a meter of amplitude, and of recent overture (karstic collapse), gives step to a P-12


Maintains almost constant its amplitude until half of the well, where they begin to increase its dimensions, but without being these exaggerated in no time. At the base of the P-12, and in the West direction, the cavity continues horizontally with the floor completely flat and covered with clay sediment. After about 30 meters, the cavity ends abruptly. It is necessary to emphasize the great amount of clay and the strong corrosion that the rock presents along the whole cavity, signs that indicate a strong circulation and later stagnation of the water.

Near the base of the entrance shaft, we find on the right (direction NO) a small conduit that situates us in a fracture parallel to the main one. This one, of less development than the previous one arrives until the 12 meters of height, opening in the ceiling a small overture, letting pass a ray of light. This small hole can be found outside about 10 meters from the mouth and in a westerly direction. We do not know the thickness of the roof and its consistency, but it is likely that a collapse will occur at this point in the near future.

The cavity has a maximum depth of -18 meters, with a total development of 76 meters. At the deepest point were the remains of a goat, a fact that was communicated to the shepherds of Portudera, which is why they begin to refer to this cavity as the Torca de la Cabra.

The cave was fully explored and surveyed. Exploration completed.

Unfortunately this cavity was in the news of 2018, because during the course of the Portudera Trail, one of the runners fell inside. The proximity of the cavity to the road, and with the entrance covered by snow, led to the incident. Luckily the runner could be rescued.

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Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern,2016


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