Tresviso Caves Project

Tresviso Caves Project Gazetter

T733: 96007

Area:Sierra del a Corta
East, North:0, 0
Coordinate Quality:No location
Long, Lat:-7.4887438971664, 0
Elevation (m):0
Length (m):0
Depth (m):0
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


follow Beges track from the junction to the northern most point(?) Smaller track doubles back (as marked on old LUSS maps). To the left of the track are several holes. T400 is large shakehole on the right of the track Coontinue on path, past small valley(?) in side of cliff From shakeholes, in vicinity of 96005, head uphill towards lowest point visible along ridge at skyline. Over the ridge, in a northerly direction, the Beges track can be seen, leading past Mancondiu and La Gobia peaks to the right 200-300m from 96006


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Grike in limestone pavement, with trees overhead. Slants 3m down to leaves, then back under a spiral descending climb and a mud filled hole. 100mm wide horizontal crack(?)


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