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Area:Vao de Lobos
East, North:363828, 4785950 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.6764661796251, 43.214027211997 (map)
Elevation (m):1712
Length (m):606
Depth (m):-140
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


located in the upper slopes of ?? Vao de los Lobos. From Bejes, going towards the Vegas de Andara, when the water soure (fountain) for Vao de los Lobos is reached, a few meters back, follow the track to the left of the road, which ascends on the right bank of the Vao de los Lobos ravine and arrives at the place known as Hoyos sin Tierra.




The entrance is of good dimensions, giving way to a P8, which after a descending meander opens in a P71. After two more 'projections' an active watercourse is reached.
Upstream, this water ends in a sump and two chambers and an aven in each.
Downstream, the main passages has number of inlets until it reaches narrow flooded passage flooded and a draughting boulder choke. The boulder choke has been passed to a new blocked passage a few metres beyond
2016 The cavity has a mouth of good dimensions, giving way to a P8, which after a meander in curve and descending opens in a P71. After two more projections a course is reached active. Upstream, this water course ends in a siphon and in two rooms, each with a ascending well. Downstream, the main branch presents several lateral branches and several sections overlapping fossils that end up rampaging in the lower gallery. Finally, the main gallery reduces its dimensions to reach a narrow passage flooded and a chaos of blocks with current of air. So far the cavity has a depth of -140 m and a development of which They have topographed more than 600 m.


A.D.KAMI. / G.E.FLASH. (2012) Memorias Beges 2012 G.E.FLASH. (2017-2018)


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