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T225: Sima Bromista

(Torca Bromista, Torca Bromistat, Joker Pot)

East, North:360863, 4789082 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7137434222103, 43.241677155203 (map)
Elevation (m):1375
Length (m):186
Depth (m):-130
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Follow directions to T219: Going from Tresviso to Sotres, leave the track after just traversing the head of the Sobra valley and climb up the ridge of the Valdediezma. Pass over the first high point and after it in the first small depression, down on the RHS of the cliff face lies the entrance (100m further along from T219 just before a grassy bowl, just below the summit is an area of fissured rock containing the entrance)

Alternate description of approach (2012): The entrance to Bromista is about two thirds of the way between the top of the ridge and a grassy bowl below [closer to the latter]. Marked with a cairn and pink tape under a small ledge (2012). A crawl behind, then below boulders for about 3 m leads to a slot and drop beyond. The entrance is at the back of a 6 x 5 m shallow ‘scallop’/depression on the side of the cliff face and is about 20 m from the top of the ridge.


area of fissured rock containing the entrance


Area of fissured rock containing an obscure entrance amongst boulders. From the entrance the head of the first pitch is immediately encountered. The first pitch is 10m deep and fairly tight, with a constriction halfway down before it opens slightly. This pitch can be free climbed however many of the holds in the upper section are jammed boulders of questionable stability.

The first pitch leads straight to a large ledge at the head of the second pitch. The second pitch is 52m deep, and is a large clean washed alpine pot. Pitches 1 and 2 are best rigged using one 90m rope; traverse off the ledge with two bolts on the left hand wall for protection to the head of the pitch, one throughbolt and one spit hanger, to allow a freehang descent to the floor.

Note: Boulders knocked off the first pitch can fall down the whole length of the second pitch, so it's best to wait at the head of the second pitch until everyone is up the second pitch on exit.

From the base of the second pitch the cave continues as a wide meander down to the top of a short climb/pitch. At the bottom of the climb is a small chamber with a tight meander leading off opposite. This meander leads over the very tight head of the third pitch and continues to a dead end after a few meters. The third pitch is very tight at the head before opening out below.

The third pitch is accessed through a tight slot and 22m to a large ledge with the way on straight ahead. At the bottom of the pitch to the right is a small pot of about 5m which is chocked up with gravel and doesn’t continue.

5m from the bottom of the third pitch, straight ahead is the fourth pitch head. The pitch then drops a further 15m to the bottom of the pitch series.

This is a medium sized, circular chamber. The only way on is a crawl in the left-hand wall. The crawl is blocked by a boulder but, a strong draft and visible open passage beyond suggests this is where the continuation of the cave goes


LUSS Tresviso 1981
Cantabria Subterranea 1997
T.C.P. (2022)


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