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T167: Strawberry Pot

Area:Sobra Valley
East, North:360366, 4789607 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:Map (yellow map)
Long, Lat:-4.719995221049, 43.246310706898 (map)
Elevation (m):1200
Length (m):0
Depth (m):-60
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Starting from the first grassy area below Marniosa, walk up the valley bottom and branch left uphill, up a very green area. The region is about 1km away and is where the ground levels out again


A 10m deep shake hole


A 10m deep shake hole leads to an easy climb down into rift passage with stream. A 17m climb down the rift into the stream passage leads to a further 23m descent to the head of a 9m pitch. The pitch lands in a large chamber. The rift passage (rich in fossil remains) continues to a tight squeeze, Strawberry Jam. Beyond the stream way finishes after 100m with two small avens and a rift too narrow to negotiate. From the Jam two passages lead upstream. On the left mole hole leads to a stagnant duck and aven with 7m waterfall entering and sinking in floor. The right hand passage again splits into ricks crawl, which chokes after more stagnant water and Dave's crawl which ends in a small chamber.
MS 2000 co-ordinates? 30T 0360667 4789669


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