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PO-23: Cueva de Nuncalera

East, North:354615, 4793307 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.7917787351288, 43.27852533511 (map)
Elevation (m):1081
Length (m):159
Depth (m):-26
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


La Cueva de Nuncalera (PO-23) va ser la Campanya localitzada i explored during the 2017 Aquesta held all cavitat and its mouth in the Sheepfold of Nuncalera, de la que el seu nom rep. It is located at the bottom of a powerful depression, from which it collects its waters. The small stream that runs through this depression is joined by the west side of the mouth of the cavity, by impenetrable conduit. This active course is no longer achievable inside the cavity, as no conduit allows progression to it.


The mouth of the cavity has a height that barely exceeds one meter, with a width of more than 5 m.


From the entrance, and following the most obvious conduit, we will find ourselves in a narrow meander that abruptly closes by pebbles and blocks, at -6 m deep. The continuation of the cavity is found following the steep ramp, which in the East direction, we find in the same entrance. This low ceiling ramp forces us to crawl, until we reach the second mouth of the blocky cavity, which is impenetrable.

Here, and giving a sudden change of direction, a small step again places us on a new ramp, but this time descending, and heading west. At the base of this ramp we will find a large accumulation of boulders that plugs old pipes where water may only circulate during times of great swellings.

Following a meander, a highlight and a narrow pipeline, they will allow us to access a crumbling room of larger dimensions. This room falls apart in a small vertical of 6 m. In its side we can find a great chaos of blocks, by where it is possible to degrade extreme the precaution.

At the base of this P-6, a conduit through which water seems to flow normally, will place us at the point of maximum depth of the cavity. This duct also collapses due to the large accumulation of pebbles and boulders.

Returning to the base of the P-6, and tracing the chaos of blocks, among them, we find a step that leads us to a new stay. This room is larger than the previous one, and is upholstered with a large accumulation of sand. With a steep incline, in its upper area again appear large blocks, between which there are countless corners, which manage to unite the different stays of the cavity. If we go down west along the great ramp that forms this room, we will find that the height exceeds 4 m, and the width reaches 10 m. Already at the base of this ramp, and after a highlight, we will come again to a conduit similar to the one described above, but to a different depth, and also plugged by pebbles and boulders.

Thus, with no possibility of continuation, the Cueva de Nuncalera reaches a maximum depth of 26 m (-23 / + 3), with a development of 159 m.

Exploration completed.


Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern,2017


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