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KCG107: Cueva Caballares

East, North:360387, 4795289 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:Map (yellow map)
Long, Lat:-4.7211776756715, 43.297456722128 (map)
Elevation (m):900
Length (m):0
Depth (m):0
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Situated on the western side of the valley beneath the shepherds shed beneath Cueva Yoja.


Concealed entrance behind rocks and trees, about 1m high by 2m wide


13m of muddy passage becomes too small and is blocked by stal. The way on is a 3m climb down a rift> The passage continues to slope downwards and a 7m pitch follows, rigged through a hole on the right. A further 5m of ladder is needed immediately in another rift and after 7m of passage there is a small slippery climb down.

At the bottom of the rift a small stream is visible but the passage is too narrow to follow.

A short distance along the rift is an unexplored steep climb but requires artificial climbing


KCG (1977)


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