Tresviso Caves Project

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SI1: Shaft nr rock bridge

Area:Sierra del a Corta
East, North:363328, 4789285 (nearby)
Coordinate Quality:GPS
Long, Lat:-4.6834454342657, 43.243955086197 (map)
Elevation (m):1079
Length (m):0
Depth (m):0
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


Northern end of the Sierra del a Corta, to the left of the track when walking from Jitu Escarandi to Bejes on the Monte los Joyos


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Whilst exploring the shake hole, there was to shafts one obvious shaft which is full of leaf debris and another in the south end (Grid Reference: 0363328 4789285) not obvious. There was a dark patch on the ground which we could not see if this was a passage or not. Due to the nature of the terrain we had experienced we were not confident is was safe to descend to it without ropes.


T.C.P. (2019)


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