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At the request of the Belize Institute of Archaeology no locations for the caves are provided.

Longest Caves In Belize

Interactive map of Toledo District.

Toledo District


Rio Grande

Tiger Cave (Tich Hulz)
Green Pit
Bat Cave (Mucbe)
Kangaroo Cave
Champon Cave
Yux Ta Ha
Dead Parrot Pot
Sleeping Dead Gibnut
Su Sil Ha
Roaring Tiger Cave (rumour / details unknown)
Mayan Bone Cave (rumour / details unknown)


Pueblo Viejo - Aguacate

Rock-shelter & Cave above Pueblo
Pueblo-Creek Cave (Flush Cave)
Toucan Cave
Outlook Cave (Illybal Cave)
Spider Cave (Am Cave)
Chaquie Cave
Bat Cave (Stuz Cave)
Jaguar Cave (Hish Cave)
Crystal Cave (Chabilha Cave)
Ochochpec (Machacon Connection, House of Stone)
Pueblo Quarry Cave
Big Cave beyond the Quarry (rumour / details unknown)
Cave above village
Through Cave
Shaft near Pueblo
Pueblo Cave (Jaguar Print)
British Army Cave
Big Cave
Cave beneath Look Out hill
Cave system with pottery
Pueblo Undescended Shafts
Caves at foot of crag
Rock Shelter Cave


Santa Cruz (Elena), Rio Blanco - Blue Creek

Rio Blanco (Yit Ha) sink
Blue Creek Cave (Ho'keb Ha)
Kayuko Naj Tunich (Canoe Cave)
Yok Balum (Jaguar Paw, Rock Patch
Soldier Cave
Zotz (Bat)
Roheh Ha (Cenote Cave)
K'op'op'o (Last Frog)
Chi sa li tzull (Tunnel)
Fig Tree Creek Cave
Fig Tree Creek Cave 2
Tree Cave
Swiss Cheese

Rio Columbia

Rio Columbia resurgence
Rio Colombia Sink
Bat Cave Columbia
King Rat
Black Creek Cave
Gibnut Cave
Burial Chamber Cave
Rock Shelter Cave
Anselmo's Shaft
Royal Rat Cave
Ego Pot
Rich's Cavern


Laguna, San Felipe, Mabel Ha

Laguna Cave
Quirk Cave
Roberto's Cave
Chocos Farm Cave
Cave in Quarry
Mabel Ha River Cave
Mabel Ha Hill Cave
3 caves at Crique Sarco

Bladen Branch - Snake Creek

Cuyamel 1
U'tuch Qui
Kab'il Sah' unah
Toq-bil Roq'ikal KabpeL
Saki Tzul Rockshelter
AC Cave
Mayehal Xheton
Muklebal Tzuz
Xmuqlebal Xheton
Tusbil Pek Cave
Black Pot Cave

Cayo District

San Ignacio

Che Chem Ha Caves,Cave of the Poisonwood Water
Actun Chapat (cave of the Centipede)
Actun Tunichil Muknal (Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre)
Actun Uyazba Kab (Handprint Cave)
Actun Yaxteel Ahau(Cave of the Ceiba Tree Lord)
Actun Halal Dart Cave (Macal Valley)
Actun Nakbe(also Actun Nak Beh?)
Actun Nak Beh,
Laberinto de las Tarantulas(Labyrinth of the Tarantulas)
Hummingbird Cave
Barton Creek
Slate Creek Cave
Cueva Migdalia (Cave of the Maya Steps)
Actun PemPem (Butterfly Cave)
Rio Fio
Crystal Cave (Blue Hole, nr St Hermans)
Actun Loch Tunich (Black Hole Drop)
Cool Spot Cave
Actun Mai - Tzonot (Valley of the Caves)
Actun Hoyanko
(Valley of the Caves)
Cueva del Indio Perdido (Valley of the Caves)
Cocohil Cave (Gibnut Cave)
Chen Ha
Cielo Blanco
Ch’en P’ix (Cave of the Awakening)
Pottery Hill Cave
Contreras Sinkhole
Serpent Cave
Stelae Cave
Crystal Pit Sinkhole
Son of Chapat
Actun Box Ch'iich' (Cave of the Black Birds)
Actun Zotziha Actun Chuplal ("Girl Cave"),
Actun Coo Mac ("Crazy Pit Cave"),
Actun Nohoch Uinic ("Old Man Cave"),
Actun Oxyehub ("Three Shells Cave"),
Actun Zac Chho ("White Rat Cave"),
Actun Zac Thul ("White Rabbit Cave"),
Bacna ("Prisoner House"),
Chaa Creek Chultun,
Chaac Mool Ha ("Roaring River"),
Cueva del Camino,
Cueva Tepesquintle (aka "Actun Kabul"),
Dzununchen ("Hummingbird Cave"),
Je'reftheel ("Skeleton Cave"),
Pacbitun (lit. “Planted Stones”; aka “Yabaa Tohil"),
Hanging Rock (aka “Irish Creek” & “Riviera”),
Twin Caves,
Uayak Na ("Dream House"),
Uchentzub ("Cave of the Gibnut"),
Xualcanil ("Tiger Grass"),
Yax Caan ("Green Heaven")
Yaxhal Tun ("Greening Stone").


Actun Tunkal
Cebada cave
Actun Xibalba
Nomch Chen
Park Sink


Caves Branch

Actun Chek
Actun Lubulha
Boiling Hole
Petroglyph - St Hermans
Caves Branch Cave
Mountain Cow
Thunder Road
Buccaneer Alley
Zephyr Zig-Zag
Swallowet Hole
Cave Around The Bend
Swiss Cheese
Crooked Bend
St hermans
Crystal Cave (Blue Hole, nr St Hermans)