Cave Name:  So Sil Ha

Alternate Names: Muddy Creek, Seasonal Creek
District: Toledo
Area:  Rio Grande

Location:             Co-ordinates logged with the Belize Institute of Archaeology

History of exploration:
In 2013 SWCC discovered and explored cave for >400m, with numerous leads left unexplored.

There was no evidence of previous exploration.  The cave lies some distance from known trails.

So Sil ‘Ha lies approximately 1.5km North East of Ramon’s Cave (Yax Ta ‘Ha) and the main Rio Grande cave systems.  An obvious seasonal creek flows from North to South into a large entrance shaft. It is assumed that the entrance would take the majority of the stream in wet season and would be impassable.
Picture: So Sil ‘Ha Entrance (Chris Jones)

The entrance shaft is 45m deep, with a large calcite flow at 25m that can be used to rebelay the rest of the shaft.  The bottom of the pitch lands in a small chamber.  Turning left out of the chamber heads into a larger chamber, covered in calcite, which descends through large boulders to an obvious junction.  Straight on leads through a large boulder choke to another chamber and evidence of water sinking in the floor.

Turning right at the junction, the passage lowers briefly before opening out into a large passage, littered with more calcite covered boulders.  The passage continues on an impressive scale through more boulders before descending into a chamber with a large slope straight ahead and a smaller passage to the north.

Picture: So Sil ‘Ha, Main Passage. (Phil Walker)

Straight up the slope leads to more large passage that drop into a large 20m x 30m chamber with evidence of lots of flood debris.  A possible continuation is at the far end of the chamber up a mud slope.

The small passage heading out of the previous chamber turns eastwards on a smaller scale, with a series of down climbs, following a dry stream bed.  A number of avens and side passages remain unexplored.  The passage eventually splits, with the stream bed turning and heading north.  This was not explored but continues as a low crawl.  This is possibly an upstream inlet, but is heading back (and only 20m) below the entrance chamber.

Details on archaeology and cultural remains are available from the IA.

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