Cave Name:  Yax Ta Ha

Alternate Names: Ramon's Cave, Tu Am Ha, Runaway Sink
District: Toledo
Area:  Rio Grande

Location:             Co-ordinates logged with the Belize Institute of Archaeology

History of exploration:
In 1982 discovered by Tom Mille, explored in high water to an upstream 'breathing' sump.

In 2010 entered by SWCC believing to be a different cave, exploring top series down to streamway

In 213 reexplored by SWCC, explored April Fool bypass to a sump.


A large entrance leads into a wide passage, 10m wide, 4m high well coated with silt mud and large lumps of wood. About 100m in on the left a small draughting passage, leads to two pitches 6m then 4m, eventually reaching the main stream way
A further 50m the passage divides; the left fork stays high and continues to a muddy sink, pitches have been found descending into a large open space.

Continuing along the main passage at the fork, it descends gradually until a large chamber was entered, a route to the right leads down to a stream inlet which eventually enters the stream way just upstream of the downstream sump.

Picture: Yax Ta ‘Ha downstream (Phil Walker)

Upstream leads through a series of pools to an obvious boulder choke, which connects back to the pitches entering from the Upper Series.
Following the stream still, more long swims and boulder passages leads to a large collapse area, which can be climbed for a long distance, but with no obvious routes at the top.

The stream level continues through more swims and pools before a climb down leads to the Upstream Sump.

Approx. 100m back from the upstream sump a 3m climb on the left leads to a low crawl and pitch down to another sump.

Details on archaeology and cultural remains are available from the IA.

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