Cave Name:  Ochochpec

Alternate Names:  House of Stone, Machacon Connection Cave
District: Toledo
Area:  Aguacate

Location:             Co-ordinates logged with the Belize Institute of Archaeology
Length:  1606m (>7000m including Pueblo Creek Cave)

History of exploration:
This first documented and systematic exploration of this cave was undertaken by Tom Miller and others in 1979-80.  The cave was explored and surveyed to a large sump pool approx. 2.2km into the cave.

In 2004 Trekforce entered the cave, believing it to be previously undiscovered, and called the cave “Machacon Connection”.

In 2010 SWCC entered the cave, firstly to confirm that Ochochpec and Machacon Connection were one and the same cave and secondly to create a line survey in order to pinpoint the caves’ location and direction in relation to the ongoing exploration in Pueblo Creek Cave.

From the entrance lake a large passage heads off northwards, while a small side passage on the left, leads down 2 waterfalls to a sump pool.  The pool can be bypassed and the main stream regained.  The stream continues to emerge after a few hundred meters downstream at Bat Cave (Stuz Cave).

Back in the main passage further swimming and wading for 500m leads to a boulder choke.  The way on is over the top which emerges on  a large chamber, a difficult scramble down on the west side of the chamber brings you back into the main stream way where the passage continues northwards for over a kilometre until the sump pool is reached.  The sump pool is approx 30m x 60m and is noticeably similar to the current terminal sump pool in Pueblo Creek Cave.  The distance between the 2 sump pools is 380m, most likely totally submerged.

Details on archaeology and cultural remains are available from the IA.

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Miller, T (1981). Houses of Stone, Caving International No 11. April 1981.