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Welcome to the website of the South Wales Caving Club (SWCC) Belize Expeditions. The following pages provide information on a number of caving expeditions that have been undertaken by the SWCC and others to the Toledo District of Belize.

From the initial planning of the first expedition in 2001 through to the latest trips it has proved difficult to get current and relevant information on current and previous exploration in the areas of interest. In most cases publications and relevant research have been sporadic and often not easily accessible outside of academic circles.













This website is an attempt to gather as much relevant information into one place to try and avoid the same issues for others planning trips to the area.

The SWCC area of interest centres on the Southern Toledo district and the majority of content reflects this, however, the intention is for the website to expand in the future and cover the rest of the country.

Due to the archaeoloical significance of the caves in Belize, no grid references are given for any of the caves. Anyone planning an expedition to the area should ensure that they seek the necessary permissions. For further information check out the Permissions section.