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2.61: Sara III

Area:Sara Depression
East, North:0, 0
Coordinate Quality:No location
Long, Lat:-7.4887438971664, 0
Elevation (m):0
Length (m):0
Depth (m):-591
System:Sistema Sara
Active Lead:
Survey Available:


This is the easiest entrance into the SARA (II) deep cave system (see Tresviso 78) . From the entrance of Sara mine continue past the original Sara (II) first pitch in the floor of the mine, over the collapse to the point where T82 - Karen joins on the right. T


within SARA mine


A 3m pitch from a block leads to a tight take off for a free hanging 34m pitch. From the ledge the next 70m pitch continues with two bolt breaks to a small ledge. The next pitch has only one break 10m down and is then free for ?M This reaches the boulder floor in the Heinous Shaft just by the 52m final section of this 281m shaft. This higher entrance makes the Sara system 13m deeper at 648m(?), and must be one of the worlds more impressive shafts.


L.U.S.S. (1979)


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