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Saturday 29th April 2017 – Cueva del Nacimiento

A leisurely morning was spent packing, avoiding leaving and, for some, three breakfasts.  Eventually everything was packed and excuses had run out.  The 500m descent down the gorge was its usual enjoyable self but due to the time of year a lot less tree cover, meaning we could see a lot more of the cliff…
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A day setting up camp

After a 30hr or so trip to deathrace we’ve stocked camp with enough gear for 5 persons and approx 50man days worth of wet rations and camp gear. Come July all that will be needed is exploration and personnal gear. A good trip without incident save a few navigational errors and out just in time…
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Forgetting what time of year we are going this weekend, I’ve packed sunglasses and shorts….

Tresviso 2016 expedition begins

Overview & brief history:  The Picos de Europa is a range of mountains 20km inland from the northern coast of Spain, forming part of the Cantabrian Mountains.  It consists of three main areas, the Central, Eastern and Western Massifs.  It was the Eastern Massif that drew the attention of Lancaster University Speleological Society (LUSS) in…
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T69 Breakthrough

o to T69 to try and get through before end of expedition to create a tantalising lead for next time. At the crossroads Duncan headed off to Bromista to retrieve rope left at the cave, with the intention of meeting us later at T69. Very hot weather of the past 2 days but the walk…
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The Big Kahuna

Day One So the day dawned where we had to put our money where our mouth was and actually dive this sump and get back in one piece. madPhil, Matt, Martin T and Dave set off early with the plan to go the Death Race 2000 aven to ready things for climbing. MadPhil and Dave…
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Cueva del Nacimiento (2)

A relatively easy day ferrying camping gear to Boulder Hall ready for a full on 2 days of misery in the cave. Made the stupid mistake of unpacking my camping gear that I spent hours carefully packing back at home. Took me ages to repack and meant I got down the hill late. Soon caught…
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Cueva del Nacimiento

First big day trip into Nacimiento. Tentative plan was to get to the upstream sump so Martin could scope it out. Early start at 8 and down to the cave for around 9ish. Various combinations of bags between us, with Martin carrying in some more oxygen cylinders. Water levels normal and fairly quick progress was…
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T69 A part rest day prior to a big equipment carry tomorrow. A short trip to my favourite named cave, T69. Still unfinished after the last couple of years, we keep coming back to 69 as a possible quick route into the back end of Nacimiento. The current limit is a false floor of mud…
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So what has been happening between the last years trip and the imminent new one?  The 2011 trip ended on a relative high, despite not being able to get a chance to scale the climbs at the limit of exploration, Cueva del Nacimiento had been rigged to the limit of exploration, a lot harder job than was…
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