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Eastern Massif caving expeditions

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Designation Name AltNames AreaId X Y Elevation Length Depth Approach Entrance Description
T1133646064790859000No recordNo recordNo record
T2Mine with natural shaft133656914790859778100-13Follow the path from Urdon to Tresviso and after the steep section turn off right in front of the first cabana. Climb over the small ridge to the head of the steeply descending gorge. A small but obvious entrance which has an adjacent spoil heap.An old cobalt mine level, continues to 10m natural shaft. The shaft was descended for 13m with possible continuation. There are further mine workings in the Sobra Valley.
T3C23133648604791039980250The entrance is 600m from the Tresviso bar, slightly above and to the east of the village, on the lower slopes of the ridge. It is level with and 100m to the west of two cabanas.A very large obvious entrance in the hillside.The entrance leads into a large chamber decorated with lots of old formations. No way on from the chamber was found.
T4La Torca Cueto13364558479057392460-65Approx. 250m from the Tresviso bar, the entrance is on the small ridge to the south of the village, just over the crest.Two closely placed, obscure entrances, approx. 2m across and found amongst the rock outcrops.The two entrance shafts join 40m down and continue to a boulder, bone and rubbish floor. A small passage leads off at the bottom and ends after 60m in a boulder choke.
T5La Cueva de Tresviso133647454790719866200-30The entrance is on a flat cultivated area of land, 100m east of the Tresviso bar.A large obvious shake hole which is surrounded by trees and the local cheese caves, contains the 8m high entrance. The stream which runs through Tresviso sinks, into this cave.Apparently phreatic, the tube descends steeply for 200m over a floor of boulders and rubbish. The cave ends with a silted, impassable sump pool.
T6Torca del JoyuCueva Muerte133646064790859844116-14(2022) Obvious paved platform behind (north) of the YHA in the center of Tresviso
(1974)Approaching Tresviso from Urdon, turn right after the first group of houses, on the right, in the village. The entrance lies just behind these houses.
(2022) Twin entrances, one is obvious paved picnic area leading to steps down into cave. Second entrance is 10m to the right, in overgrown enclosed area

(1974)The entrance is large and immediately obvious, placed in a small cliff. There is a further, smaller entrance just around the corner.
Metal walkway leads down into large chamber (+8m sqaure) with second entrance entering and small wet rift straight on leading to climb up. No way on
Cave is in process (2022) of being turned into a small show cave / geological point of interest for Tresviso. Although largely now cleaned of rubbish, there is glass and debris on the floor.

<br><br><b>1974 •••
T7Three small caves1336431847909791005580From Tresviso walk 200m uphill along the valley between La Mesa and the northern ridge.There are three small entrances within 30m of each other in the valley floora) The easterly entrance — The cave is approximately 30m long and ends in a small decorated chamber.
b) The upper entrance — The cave passage continues for 8m to a small chamber, from whence the way on was too tight.
c) The lower entrance — This cave might repay further investigation as a strong draught blows out of the entrance
The passage is tight an •••
T8La Cueva ConjtinaCueva Conjuntina133645634790031710250-30Follow the indistinct path leading off from the main track toward the Sobra Valley, just past the last house in Tresviso.
The path leads to a cabana after 0.5km of descent. The entrance is 70m south east of the cabana on the downhill side of a large boulder.
The entrance is very difficult to find, being low, narrow and in the bank.After a short, tight, entrance section, the cave passage opens up a little and descends to a choke. A passage taking off on the right, leads past a shaft not descended to a climb up a mud bank and 5m high vadose passage.
At the end, a crawl reaches a low, pitch decorated chamber. The passage continue s low and starts to ascend. A shaft is passed by an awkward traverse to a m •••
T9La Torca las Garmas31364417479480410350-75Follow the path from Corrales Aravanes up past El Ortigal and the group of largely deserted cabanas.

The path runs southwards along the western side of the valley, and the entrance is 50m below it, approximately 500m past the cabanas.

The location description and lat/long place this North of San Estaban and nearly 5km away from Tresviso!
The entrance (3m across) is obscure, hidden amongst the rock outcrops on the valley side. A tree grown in the entrance, but does not stand proud of it.An entrance pitch of 30m leads into a rift and this descends in two further steps of 25m and 20m before becoming too tight.
T10La Torca Ustacares31364371479474310460-40Follow the path from La Torca las Garmas, south for 500m to where the Collada Hermosa ridge can just be seen. The shaft is in a small depression which the path passes through.Just to the left of the path there is a large tree and this hangs over the large rift entranceThis is a large solid walled shaft which ends in a boulder floor. In August there was a pile of snow at the bottom.
Designation Name AltNames AreaId X Y Elevation Length Depth Approach Entrance Description
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