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Eastern Massif caving expeditions

Tresviso 2017 Overview

Tresviso 2017 Overview The latest Tresviso Caving Expedition is planned for this summer and once more a blog will be attempted. Additionally, a long weekend pre-expedition trip is planned. Overview & brief history: The Picos de Europa is a range of mountains 20km inland from the northern coast of Spain, forming part of the Cantabrian…
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A few updates

Cueva del Nacimiento Draughting hole at end of Jurassic World, was hammered and dug out for 4 hours. No progress made. Easy sand gave way to large sections of calcite. Long term dig. Dinosaur Aven, climbed to a height of 50m, narrow to impenetrable draughting crack Iam Not into Yoga another aven above Die Hard…
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Dunkemon says..

Bye! Thanks for a great expedition, hope the remaining few days crack Agua wide open! See you all soon at Eurospeleo /BPC /SWCC/ Mendips!

Pozo Castillo

One of the secondary objectives of the expedition is to revisit the Pozo Del Castillo cave on the Andara mountain range.  This cave, and a number of interconnected caves and mines were explored initially by the French Les Speleois Dromis (LSD) club in in the early 1980’s.  The written report at the time talked of…
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Cueva del Nacimiento

First big day trip into Nacimiento. Tentative plan was to get to the upstream sump so Martin could scope it out. Early start at 8 and down to the cave for around 9ish. Various combinations of bags between us, with Martin carrying in some more oxygen cylinders. Water levels normal and fairly quick progress was…
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The Plan – from archive (July 4th 2012)

BACKGROUND: The Picos de Europa is a range of mountains 20km inland from the northern coast of Spain, forming a Westerly extension of the Cantabrian Mountains.  It consists of three main areas, the Central, Eastern and Western Massifs.  It was the Eastern Massif that drew the attention of Lancaster University Speleological Society (LUSS) in the…
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