Still no sump…

On Sunday Gareth, Mesh, Derek and Duncan went back to Wigan pier to find the sump. It was Mesh’s first time into Agua.  We quickly got back to the main passage and spent hours walking up and down it searching for the elusive bypass. At one point Duncan found a promising way up on a treacherous moon milk slope. Gareth and Mesh went up it only to discover yet again it linked back to the main passage. They also had a bit of an epic coming down it as it was incredibly slippy with few hand holds.

Plan “B” was to bolt around a lake at the end of the passage and climb up. Mesh had attempted earlier to climb around the edge but a handhold gave way and sent him tumbling into the lake. Thankfully he was not hurt.

With the lake edge bolted we climbed up put in a hand line down for the descent and carried on. We passed colourful red rock and calcite. We split into 2 teams searched for a while and then regrouped. Re read a description and decided to head back passing under some annoying drips, this turned out to be a useful maker as just around the corner was the kit kat wrapper marking the way on. We had all passed under this without seeing it. 

Time had run out and we headed out for some more punishing walking up and out of the gorge. The mountains were tipped with an orange glow as the sun was setting.

I think it is going to be a case of third time luck!  

In search of a sump

Emily, Gareth and Duncan visited Agua today in search of the sump and a bypass to it in a section called road to Wigan pier. We had a late start and got into the cave at 13:30. Duncan lead the way in as the others had not visited Agua before. We installed the hose to drain that annoying pool, it had worked a treat as the pool was almost empty on our way out.

All our efforts kept leading us in loops back to Clapham Junction.

We went back to Black hole and went left. Here we entered large passage with a blue rope hanging from the roof. This was the marker we had been looking for and found the sump. We left our kit in this area and headed out for the punishing walk up and out of the gorge. Absolutely knackered and a great first day exploring lots of new passages to me (Duncan).

I also have the dubious honour of being the first to fall out of the boat… 😉